2014 Boer Vineyard Pinot Noir
2014 Boer Vineyard Pinot Noir
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The Boer Vineyard is the only site where I source Pinot that lends itself to a 100% whole cluster fermentation.  This traditional technique has been practiced for centuries in Burgundy, and was very popular in the '60s and '70s for California Pinot producers.  Whole cluster fermentation faded away in the '80s and '90s as winemakers and growers were experimenting with different clones of Pinot, and they were finding new areas all over coastal California where they could plant these new clones.  Fermentation variations were put on the back burner for a while, but now that the sites and clones are set for the time being, and the vines are aging well, it's time to look back to the cellar. 


This 2014 Boer Pinot is a tight wine that should develop for years.  If there's one Sandler Pinot to lay down longer than the others, this is the one.  Try this in 2017 or later, and hold a bottle of this to drink after 2025.  If you've ever had a 40 year old Chalone Pinot Noir, you'll understand the style I'm aiming for with the Boer Vineyard Pinot. 

Updated tasting note as of June 2023.  This '14 Boer Pinot is now approaching maturity, but isn't at its peak yet.  It's still devoloping, and the whole cluster spice is starting to turn the nose of the wine into something special.  The anticipated maturity is from 2025 through 2032.

Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Harvest Date
11 months in 100% neutral French oak
100% whole cluster
Bottling Date
Alcohol %